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Welcome to the band!



Here at Lake Brantley we have a proud tradition of excellence both on field and on stage.  Our marching attire is a patriot style uniform that consists of a jacket, bibbers (pants), and a three cornered hat.  Each year the students are loaned the uniform and a heavy duty garment bag for a set amount of time.  


This year, uniforms distribution day is August 14th.  

Your child will choose their appointment time to arrive at the band room to pick up their items.  


In addition to the loaned items, band members also need to purchase socks, gloves, shoes, and a concert uniform.  You can find more information about what is required in the the Uniform Newsletter.  The Patriot's Closet is an affordable option for gently used items that have been donated from the previous year.  The small shop is run by our volunteers and is open from 9:00am to 12:00pm on the last Friday of band camp.



Don’t forget to read the annual Uniform News & Information newsletter.  It is jammed packed with everything you need to know about the uniform.


If you have any questions during the year, please do not hesitate to call our

committee chair

Laurie Bedell/Jessica Rosenblatt  at 

407-746-3460 (Band Room).


The different types of Uniforms

Each student will be issued (loaned) the following:


  • Marching uniform - coat, pants, hat, and buckles for the band shoes

  • Hat box for storage of the hat at home

  • Garment bag for carrying uniforms 


During Distribution, each student will be given a band T-shirt to wear to band functions. 

New students will receive a duffel bag in which to carry shoes, music, poncho, etc.

Please be sure to review the  Uniform Newsletter.  

It contains important information for students and parents





Students will sign up for a fitting appointment time during band camp.  They will be able to check their appointment time on the window outside Mr. Wharton’s office beginning the first day of school.  


All students must come during the 30-minute appointment window they signed up for.  Click the link below for details of the measurement form.

Care for Uniforms

Students are expected to dry-clean their uniform a minimum of every other wearing.  White jackets worn by tubas and percussionists must be dry-cleaned every week.  

Dry-cleaning receipts are collected by section leaders. 


Uniforms can only be handled by the following approved dry cleaners:

Hunt Club Cleaners

454 S Hunt Club Blvd


(407) 774-2898

(near Tijuana Flats)

Heart of Wekiva

241 N Hunt Club Blvd


(407) 788-0999 

(near Pizza Hut)

Cypress Cleaners

924 West S.R. 436, #1250

Altamonte Springs

(407) 869-1609

(Brantley Square/near Aldi) 

Sub and Full Uniform

Buckle Your Shoes
Learn how to add the very import patriot buckle to your marching shoes.

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